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Gandor is an ancient society that can trace their roots back to the very first human settlers. Despite this, very little about their history is truly known. Their royal family posess an indescribable power to draw soldiers to them, and a sharpened talent for war and strategy. When aided by the Four Limbs of Gandor, the king is said to be unstoppable.

Magister's Academy

The Magister's Academy was founded by the Grand Magus 20 years ago to teach prominent young students a higher level of magic. The academy itself is protected by an incredibly powerful barrier conjured by the Grand Magus himself, and strengthened each year by the most promising students. Because of their power, they are both revered and feared by their neighbours, but that fear gives rise to concern that they are growing too powerful, and thus frequent attacks from foolhardy well-wishers outside. The Grand Magus has stated that he does not wish for his students to learn combat arts, but the state of outside relations have forced his hand.

Alchemic Mages

The Alchemic Mages are a smaller school of magic currently run and owned by the Grand Magus, dedicated to learning what he calls the "Lesser Magics". Primarily interested in brewing potions and poisons, they also have their own Magic Corps - a conscription-based army that recruits Mages that are not gifted enough for the Magister's Academy, and in exchange can be hired by any kingdom that provides them with conscripts. The Magic Corps is known as the strongest military force in the land.

Royal Kingdom

The Royal Kingdom is a new kingdom in the land's history, started by a Prince of Gandor who decided he was never going to become king and hoarded land to rule over all on his own. They have had some serious technological and magical advancements, in particular truly learning how best to conserve energy. However, their quick progress also leads to quick ends. The first King of the Royal Kingdom was assassinated in his second year as ruler, and subsequent leaders have been similarly short lived. They are best known for the Royal Wolves - small combative and social elite units, comprised of a tamer and the dire wolves they own - which are used mostly for tracking and hunting, but also to great success on the battlefield.

The Broken

The Broken are an interesting phenomenon. All manner of creatures that have died and given themselves over to a set of magical instincts, always hungering for more energy. Some of the more powerful Broken are still in posession of some of their former intellect, but all are forever changed by the transformation into a Broken. It appears that Dark Elves and humans are most susceptible to becoming Broken, but beyond this very little is known about them.

Elf Forest

The Elf Forest is home to two civilisations: the Light Elves and the Dark Elves. The Light Elves are primarily healers, while the Dark Elves are mostly fighters. The two types of elf have a lot of disagreements on moral and social grounds and are completely emotionally incompatible, but they have come to realise that they depend on each other to thrive, and mostly get along peacefully. Both societies have a strong reverence for nature and survive on a diet of funghi and tubers.

Maelstrom Abyss

The Maelstrom Abyss are marine soldiers from a deep sunken city under the ocean. They are incredibly highly trained in combat and engineering, and fight viciously with varying types of swords and guns created for underwater fighting. Their commanders are supported by monstrous sea creatures that they ride into battle against any enemy foolish enough to challenge the Terror from the Depths. The faction is made up of a mix of humans from an ancient civilisation that built the city and a species known as Merdin. Merdin are mostly humanoid fish, but also include regular fish and ocean mammals that can speak, mythical sea monsters, and a select few humans that have been gifted gills by the Merdin king.


Timegarden is a small, tight-knit community of various species (known and unknown, but mostly humanoid) that live in the sky, with a city made from gears that floats, holding a lush green garden in its centre - held aloft by its own mechanical platform. They are known for posessing the secret to time magic, as well as for being incredibly elitist. They reject any citizens that do not demonstrate a serious aptitude for magic, as well as anyone who refuses to ascribe to their beliefs and fight for their cause. Despite having few enemies, let alone those who could possibly oppose them, Timegarden is very militaristic and takes immense pride in their army - taking the fight to anyone within reach.

Freak Show

As they say, welcome to the Freak Show. This group is made up of outcasts from Timegarden. Every one of them is either bad at time magic or considered too ugly to be included in high society, and each one is defiant and willing to fight to survive. Everyone is welcome of course, but few wish to join them. Through hardship, they have formed a bond that none can break, and lean on each other to draw the strength they need to carry on. Most were not named as children, and thus took names from their favourite things. The Freak Show members typically don't use magic in the performances they put on around the world, since they are not skilled enough. Typically instead they flaunt their particular quirks and talents, hoping to inspire others who are like them or just need a bit of assurance that they can survive if they try. For those who can use magic, it often backfires, putting themselves in a state of temporary Stasis - frozen in time - however, there are also some skilled Time Magicians among them. Through continuous failure and the patient support and research of such talented magicians, the group has learned how to control Stasis and support each other from within it - essentially treating the condition as though it were simply another world where they are invisible.

Timestage Circus

The Timestage Circus is a troupe of travelling performers whose members are mostly comprised of Timegarden runaways. They often perform together with the Freak Show since many members are in both groups. Their shows make heavy use of time magic, popping up out of thin air or changing the scenery of the stage rather than using prebuilt sets. Their art takes on a whole new dimension when they perform for Timegarden residents and councils though, since the other time magicians are able to keep up with their intricate patterns of time magic, and the troupe can thus perform across all levels of time and magic.

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