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Battle Format

Battle Format is the multiplayer format of Curse of Semna. It can be played by 2-4 players and uses the Battle Rules and Banlist. It permits the use of cards from any set.

Deckbuilding Rules:

  • A deck must contain exactly 80 cards

  • A deck may not have more than 4 copies of a single card

  • An Artefact Deck may contain up to 8 cards and may not contain more than 1 copy of a card

  • Each deck may contain up to 1 Spirit Ruler card

  • If a deck uses a Spirit Ruler card, it is kept separate to the field but still contributes to the total number of cards in the deck

  • If a deck uses a Spirit Ruler card, the rest of the cards in the deck must follow the rules as set out on the Spirit Ruler card

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