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  • If a player would win while an effect is still happening (including damage from an attack) the effect must be allowed to finish before the win is counted 19/03/2021

  • There is a priority system for when two or more players would win at the same time: card effects first (if there are multiple, the last to be activated wins) then damage wins, then Energy Victories. 19/03/2021

  • Added tournament rules. 23/03/2021

  • Support units may support a non-leader unit by resting and adding the support unit's power to the attacking unit's power 23/03/2021

  • Support units' Abilities are active as long as they are Refreshed, and while they are Refreshed they can support a Leader's attack without resting 23/03/2021

  • Stasis: When a unit goes into Stasis, turn it 180 degrees from the Refreshed position. A unit that is in Stasis cannot attack, retreat or activate effects while the status is active. A player can end Stasis on one unit by forgoing their draw for the turn. Stasis automatically ends if the unit that is in Stasis levels up or down. 07/06/2021

  • Retreat: Support units may Retreat at any time - send them to the Lost zone for free. 07/06/2021

  • When card text specifies a 'Card' it is talking about that specific card, and not any instances of cards with the same name. When card text specifies a 'Unit' it is talking about any unit with the name given. 07/06/2021

  • If damage is dealt to a Leader, it can be defended or prevented using card effects. However, if damage is done to a player without targeting a Leader, it cannot be modified. 08/06/2021

  • If a non-leader unit takes undefended damage, it is lost. 09/06/2021

  • If an effect says 'Once per turn', the word 'turn' refers to one turn for both the active player and their opponent. For example, if you use the effect on your opponent's turn, you can use it again on your own turn, but if you use it on your own turn, you must wait until your next turn before using it again. Some 'once per turn' effects cannot be used on the opponent's turn. 09/06/2021

  • If an effect starts with 'In _ zone', it activates when the card is placed in the specified zone. If the effect does not meet the requirements to activate, the effect is negated. 13/07/21

  • If an effect is negated, the card is still treated as having an effect. 13/07/21

  • Mind Wipe: Some effects Mind Wipe a card or cards. This means the target(s) of the effect no longer have an effect. 13/07/21

  • Edited Spell rules: Spells are no longer only used once per turn, and can be used as many times as you can pay for. 19/12/21

  • Wing units can now be supported. I don't know why this was a rule before, we were not playing it that way. 22/12/21

  • Wing units played by card effects can now be played above your Leader's level, but are still destroyed if your Leader levels down to below their level. 22/12/21

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