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Perfect TCG

Perfect TCG is a trading card game created by VoidLance Games and published by The Game Crafter. It is set in a fantasy world where the player controls the leader of a civilisation to direct their faction to success in a war-torn land. VoidLance designed the game to be his perfect TCG, hence the name, combining elements from all his favourite games and tweaking them or adding new ones to be more interesting to him.

Starter Decks

Warriors of Gandor

The Warriors of Gandor features a mechanic similar to Exodia in Yu-Gi-Oh! Its primary objective is to assemble an elite squad of fighters and land an attack with the King of Gandor for an instant win. You can buy it here.

Alchemic Mages

The Alchemic Mages features a very aggressive strategy designed to deplete your enemy's deck quickly. It is well suited to defeat the Warriors of Gandor deck that relies on searching for specific cards. You can buy it here.

Magister's Academy

The Magister's Academy features a slow playstyle that aims to generate a lot of energy and win by having 25 or more energy while still having 5-10 cards in their deck. You can buy it here.

Purpose of this page

This section of the Voidlance site is dedicated purely to Perfect TCG. It will have links to any events that are happening with an official connection to the game, any rules changes in realtime instead of having to wait until the next set of starter decks are released to get the updated rulebook, any future plans for the game and any other details relating to the game.

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