Expansion Project - MOBA

I decided to work on improving my level design for engines and character design for 3d modelling, so I decided to create a MOBA, as the genre typically has incredibly good examples of both.

I was able to find two tutorials for creating one in Unreal: by an independent creator on YouTube and by the Unreal Engine channel on YouTube.

As of this point, I have laid down the basic building blocks. I've set out the lanes and some crossings between, created minions that will spawn at appropriate locations and follow a path through their lane, and finally added some geometry to start on the level design.

Currently, the minions only run through one lane, something which should be fixed by the time I've finished the tutorials by the Unreal Engine channel. The next step after that should be making them attack the player and allowing the player to attack them. Once I've finished this and some abilities, I will move on to designing a character to fit those abilities.

I have now sorted it out so that every wave spawns in correctly, at one point there was a single wave that did not move down their lane, but after fishing through I found that I had resized the array for it to one lower than it should have been. Now that I've fixed that, all the waves spawn in correctly. The next step is to handle damage for everything.

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