Project Gawain - Project Proposal

I gained inspiration to start this project after watching the Indie Dev Log: Project Feline series on YouTube (below)

He's calling it his 'dream game' so to start this project, I drew up a list of everything my own dream game would have. I then drew up a design plan (pictured below). Due to my frequent fascination with Arthurian legend and how well it ties in to the message I wanted to put across with my theme, I decided to base a couple of the main characters on characters from those tales. I'm also keen on characters based on romanticised versions of history at the moment, so I created a few caricatures of historical figures that more or less suit the image I wanted to give them.

The game's story will have a vaguely Wizard of Oz esque theme to it in one way, and I want the game as a whole to be something that doesn't really take itself too seriously, so we have some whimsical elements which themselves fit snugly into a mysterious classical theme.

I'm in love with the Sea of Thieves sailing system, so I was adamant that it should be included, but it may well be something that ends up getting dropped when it proves itself too difficult. The forging mechanic idea came from the Sea of Thieves sailing idea, with the intention of being something that reflects the process you take in reality while still being fun in a game environment. It's something else that's likely to get dropped. Style creation is something I took from Way of the Samurai 4, a game I consider to be among the greatest RPGs of all time despite its minimal notoriety and mixed reviews. It's also where I got the idea that I wanted a somewhat shorter story with high replay value. I loved the customisation aspect and how even after completing the game over 10 times new options were unlocking and becoming available in the next playthrough.

This project has the potential to get out of hand with the scope, but I'm confident that by limiting my ideas to what I'm capable of doing and pushing myself to learn new techniques and attempt things beyond my comfort zone, I will be able to create a saleable game that is strong in the current marketplace.


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