Adventurer Dev Log #2

I started off today by working some more on the style banner. I added some extra information, and then started designing new characters.

I ended up somehow designing all these characters in 16x16, as opposed to the 16x32 for the first character. A sign of my progress in being able to reduce designs down and keep them recognisable. A new technique I have picked up from watching other people create pixel art is to first lay down a silhouette in black, then build up the shapes and colours from there - this really helps with keeping it small.

The elven character for Azaria was something that I had a clear idea of at the start, but kept adding details to. I knew I wanted a green hood that didn't shadow the face, and I new I wanted a bit of a natural look to it. Once I coloured the face, I decided to add blue eyes, and that made me think of the stories of elves from history - they were renowned for having blonde hair and blue eyes that enhanced their exotic beauty. So I added some blonde hair, and tried to do it in a way that didn't take away from any other features. Finally, as I was colouring the body, I decided I wanted to add a cape. Without any references for this, it took a while to get it looking right, but I'm very happy with the result.

For the Pallia character, I struggled very much with getting the things across that I wanted. In my head, I was imagining a bulky knight in silver armour with gold lions and other details emblazoned on the shoulders and chestplate.

The demon character for Coronia was something that came to me fairly easily, but I'm happy with the result. I changed the silhouette fairly drastically while keeping a vaguely humanoid form - this is going to be a playable character after all - and employed a few techniques to break up the form and make it seem unusual. The character's head is a perfect circle (or as close as pixel art can get to it) and surrounded by blackness - it's up to the observer to decide whether that's hair or something else. The body is not one uniform piece, but has bits sticking out and sinking in. Finally, the colouration is speckled and broken - not showing any real shadows or highlights - and reminiscent of flames.

The next task is to get some environment designs done. I will be creating a master tile for the generic ground in each area and adding it to the style banner. That will complete the style banner, and from there it will be using the master tile to create some key pieces for the tilesets, and making some of the more important props and objects.

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