Adventurer Devlog #3

After a day's break, I needed to get back into designing quickly. Thankfully, I'd left myself a task that's easy to get stuck into. I quickly hopped into Aseprite and used the Tiled Mode to create master tiles for each area that lined up well with themselves. I already had a good idea of what I wanted to draw for Kudros and Azair - just a plain grass tile. (the master tiles I am creating represent the most common ground tiles in each area) For Kudros, this grass is purple, affected by the surrounding magical energy, and for Azair it is green, nurtured and protected by the inhabitants. At a later date, I will probably create some blue grass that is affected by the magic in the area and not protected as well.

For Pallia, I began wanting a nice paved style, where the pavings are repurposed gears. However, in 16x16, this turned out to be rather difficult to realise, so I made a tile paving system with a pattern that seems reminiscent of gears.

Coronia's tile choice was fairly obvious, but I may change it at a later date. From what I'd gathered about the place up until now, I imagined that the majority of ground would be molten lava, so I started with a lava stream running through the center, then built up some rocky platforms here and there.


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