Adventurer Devlog #4

Today I started on getting some tiles and props for the environment. It wasn't a particularly productive day, as my mother was constantly interrupting for spring cleaning. However, I have managed to get two assets done.

I attempted to put the first asset, my Kudros ground tileset, into Tilesetter, but I am struggling to get it to work properly. I am able to build it as a Wang tileset and get the images displaying correctly, but as soon as I try to paint it into the level, all that comes up is random sides - not in any sensible order and certainly not in an order I can use properly.

Once I had given up on using Tilesetter for the time being, I started working on props for the environment. I began with no real idea of what I wanted for Kudros. My initial intention was to make a building, but I decided I didn't have enough time, and the canvas I had loaded up in Aseprite was much too small. So instead, I decided to try smaller props. I began drawing up a simple wooden chest, but then it struck me that Kudros probably wouldn't be the type of place to use boxes, and definitely not to lock items away. so I turned it into a barrel, something that fits with the idea of refraining from straight lines. I imagine this will get reworked eventually as it was thrown together rather hastily.

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