Adventurer Final Devlog

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything for a long time. The reason why is a little embarrassing. I got hit by the windows update that causes security issues in chrome, substantial data leak and blue screens of death among others, despite having seen articles reporting it and turning my updates off - I turned my computer on one morning and it just started updating and there was nothing I could do about it. So, having felt betrayed by Windows I switched my PC to Linux. Here's where the problem is. Although I checked all my files and folders to make sure I wasn't deleting anything important, I forgot to transfer all the files for Adventurer, so I either have to start over or abandon the project. Obviously, this has been rather demotivating, so I have spent a few weeks watching The Originals and playing Dragon Quest and Animal Crossing to help me get back into the mood, even just to turn my PC on.

I have realised from this though, that my scope for Adventurer was a little more than I could handle in the space of time I needed it done to begin with. So I'm going to be moving on to another project that I will limit the scope of to be finished within a month, and I will start that project, whatever it is, with a mechanics prototype in Godot rather than with the art so that I can tell sooner whether it will take too long or possibly isn't as fun as I expected.

I imagine I will return to Adventurer at some point, but it will be with different, probably better art, and a stronger focus on mechanics and what sets it apart.

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