Perfect TCG Update

I've finished making art for the first Starter deck of Perfect TCG: Warriors of Gandor. It's only some stock images and royalty free images edited to work well for the cards, but I think a lot of them look really good. At some point, especially once I am selling the game for real, I will want to hire some card artists for a bit more money, so watch this space.

I currently have left to do before I can purchase my first batch and start selling them:

- Finish art for the Alchemy Mages starter deck box

- Finish art for the cards in the Magister's Academy starter deck

- Create art for the Magister's Academy starter deck box

- Create art for the rest of the cards in the Royal Reinforcements booster set

- Create art for the Royal Reinforcements booster packs

- Create art for the Royal Reinforcements booster box

Also, I'm thinking of making a Kickstarter for Gate. One option is to just get it manufactured independently in the UK so I can sell it on my own store. Another is to only fund the Islands of Airion expansion for publishing either on Game Crafter or independently also. The game is too expensive for me to buy another batch, so I can't release the expansion without some form of funding, even though it's good to go on Game Crafter.

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