Perfect TCG (Working title) And more news for Gate!

I have begun work designing a TCG that's really intended to be my ideal TCG. I don't really know much about designing a TCG so I've just used a lot of programs to help me get my ideas made - thus there's no real dev log, it just kind of materialised as a semi-finished product. I've made a Tabletop Simulator version for playtesting because the software I used to design the cards exports for Tabletop Simulator, even though I'm not actually using that part of the export anymore. I'm using a site called Game Crafter to develop the game for sale, which although it's based in the US, ships worldwide and is an extremely handy tool for getting table games in particular printed and fulfilled. So here's my other piece of news, I'm finally developing Gate as a proper board game. I want to clarify, I'm reluctant to sell it without giving the person who worked on it with me a heads up at least, but I can't contact him and really want to get this game out into the world, so if he ever sees this - send me an email and we can work out a joint venture / pay share!

The Game Crafter website has a bunch of really handy tools for creating board games for sale - it seems like it's designed specifically for that - including a board itself and some acrylic playing pieces, All in a really professional looking box. I'm thinking this launch is going to be exactly how we initially envisioned it - we don't even need to settle with paper counters!

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