Splash! Dev Log 12

Today's dev log will be a short one.

I started off by creating the next cluster of buildings. I also made sure that the flying ships to take the player there had enough space to manouvre, which meant adding a floating platform to step off at and a new ship to take them the full journey, since a straight path from the final platform of the accessible section would take them through a giant wheel.

Next, I took some of the background scenery and sized it up and moved it around. In conjunction with the extra buildings that the player can access, it really made the environment feel a lot more alive and alike a main city.

Finally, I took some grapple targets and made an unconventional course around the building complex you can see here:

It requires a bit of creative thinking to complete the course.

So now Nueva Venicia looks like this:

and there's only 3 more building clusters to make before I can move on to the next step, according to the map from dev log 10 which got deleted

I also want to take this opportunity to clarify: I am not making the platforming segments of this level particularly hard overall because this is the main city and it's mostly going to serve as an in-between space for the actual levels of the game. Instead, it's more likely that the actual levels will build on the challenges and mechanics introduced in Nueva Venicia.

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