Splash! Dev Log 15

I began by trying to create all the levels I would need by duplicating their templates, but I got to level 18 and lost count. I then set up an AI blueprint for the NPCs that was supposed to make them move around randomly, but failed. I tried changing the Simple MoveTo to an AI MoveTo, that still didn't work, but then I realised that I had no Nav Mesh volume in the level, so it was highly possible that the get random reachable point node just wasn't able to find a reachable point. For the size of Nueva Venicia, I had to make a 100000x100000x500 scaled nav mesh, which meant a lot of time and processing power had to be dedicated to building that mesh. (25 million individual processes!) I just hoped that the nav mesh would be the key to fixing the AI navigation. The editor crashed before it could complete. I then decided that maybe using multiple Nav Meshes only placed where the NPCs would be moving was probably a better idea. It still took forever to build the level, so I just left it going.

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