Splash! Dev Log 16

My nav mesh didn't work to let the character walk around, but I turned on show navigation in the editor, and it was displaying an area above the character's head as having navigation, so I moved both the nav mesh and the character to a more even piece of land, and the navigation displayed correctly, but the characters still didn't move around. I tried using Unreal's built-in AI system instead of the makeshift blueprint system I had, but that didn't work either. I don't think it's a problem with the navmesh, as it's displaying all the correct areas as having full navigation data.

I decided to leave work on this game for today there, but I did start planning another game from an idea I had - collecting a Pinterest mood board for it and creating a preliminary 3d model for one of the buildings (This time I want to use my own assets instead of getting everything from the Unreal Marketplace)

I also recorded a tune on harmonica for it. I'm still debating whether to keep it as a background track, or whether to make a character in the game play it. I'm really looking for ways to make people want to buy a harmonica and learn it instead of having to come across it at random like most people do, and one of the main ways I have found to do that is to give the instrument representation in more media. The predominant image of the harmonica most people have is fairly mediocre. Digimon has a great representation, but other than that there's blues musicians who use it for the occasional song or casual jams, and a meme that uses how easy it is to make a harmonica sound good to make pain funny. Having a harmonica soundtrack and especially having a character play the harmonica even in a less popular game could be exactly the kind of representation I'm looking for.

12 Bar Blues Harmonica Riff
Download WAV • 2.82MB

I doubt making 3d models and animations for harmonica playing would be particularly difficult, a harmonica is essentially just a cuboid, and playing one is really just a series of side-to-side hand motions, besides some small vibe motions like foot tapping etc.

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