Splash! Dev Log 18

I continued to design level 5, using some new meshes and blueprints, but unfortunately I decided to attempt to test the level while it was compiling shaders as I had little time at that moment, and the editor crashed. Luckily, I had still saved the level before attempting to test it, and all the components were where they needed to be, just the shaders needed to begin recompiling from the beginning.

I also spent a long time editing my second grapple target blueprint because the model I was using to hold up the ball was making it really hard to use the grapple with it.

Eventually, I realised that although it could be good to use the grapple function of it in some way in the future. for now it was probably better to use it as a jumping obstacle to teach the player further than I already had that sometimes grapple targets don't have to be used for their primary function.

I created a building I'm incredibly happy with. It has an entrance at the front, which moves to an exit out the back, which leads to a climbing section to get to the roof, then the roof has a hole that drops to a room that leads outside to a flying ship that goes to another floating platform.

I also decided to make that ship fly past the platform, as in any world like this, there will be ships that aren't actually heading where you need to go, but near enough to take it and jump off when you reach it. I added a few more crates to jump on, left a checkpoint on the platform, and left it there for the day.

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