Splash! Dev log 4

I finally fixed the problem I was working on! It's a really bad, incredibly buggy fix, but at least it works. I started this session off adding an event tick to the spawner to delete itself if it ever found that the number of items spawned was larger than the number of items allowed to spawn, which didn't work. After a lot of looking around to check every single bit of code to make sure nothing was wrong, I decided to add a print screen to that event tick to tell me at all times what the number spawned value was at. I found that it was only at zero for a single frame, then went back to what it should be. After yet more confused searching, I still couldn't find anything wrong with the code. I finally realised that the spawner itself was not an actor, and thus could not use DestroyActor to destroy itself. So while this is an absolutely abominable workaround that causes an error on every single frame - which will have an impact on performance too - I set it to instead destroy the actor that was labelled as "Current Item". Hooray! It works! I just need to be really careful not to create any more errors or I'll never be able to find them in the log lmao

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