Splash! Dev Log #3

I'm back after a long break. Pretty much as the Corona virus hit, I took a huge blow to my enthusiasm, and while I only intended to take a week off, I ended up not working for several months. However, now I'm back, and excited to be making games again. I started off today by fixing a lot of optimisation and graphical issues, partially being that my Unreal editor crashed occasionally due to the texture on the cable being too high resolution. I also messed around with my cel shader, because I wasn't a fan of the way it was making my character look despite how great the environment looked. Having done all that, I got to work on the last project I was working on: preventing the player from dying over and over to collect the same bag of gold several times - Since the game uses a checkpoint system and involves a lot of dying, I didn't want to just save the score at the end of a level. I began by following a tutorial for an item spawner, thinking it would allow me to keep track of which items had been collected and prevent them from spawning. However, this was not the case - although I believe the spawner will come in handy for some other options down the line so it wasn't all a waste of time. I then decided that I would approach it differently. Basically keep everything the same as it was, but instead of stopping the player from picking up the same item over and over again, I would put a limit on the total number of items that could be collected. The code for this is far easier to figure out and I quickly had a system that counts the number of items that have been collected and saves it in the checkpoint with everything else. Unfortunately, the limit is not going so well. I can't see what I've done wrong, but for some reason the code that spawns the items can't see the same number that have been collected as the code for collecting them can. When the items spawn in with the player, it says there are 0, but when the player collects it, it displays the correct count. Obviously this means that no matter how many times I collect it, it doesn't reach the maximum that prevents it from spawning because when it spawns it thinks none of them have been collected. I am fairly stumped on this, as both pieces of code are getting the variable from the same place.

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