Splash! (working title) Dev Log 1

The new project is finally here! Since I already purchased and installed a realistic water physics blueprint to my Unreal engine for the sailing mechanic in Project Gawain, I decided I wanted to make a game using it. My current idea for this project is something with cute, simple characters in a fictional city based on Venice (called Nueva Venicia) with a unique visual style. The core gameplay would focus on the water - currently platforming across floating objects. To make things more fun, the player will have a tether gun that attaches to objects in the water and pulls them towards him/her. If I can sort out the physics of it, I will also allow the tether to bounce off water, in certain situations allowing the player to bounce it around corners and pull items that are out of reach otherwise.

I want to utilise a good amount of particle effects for this project, and generally want it to be a visually appealing, cute game. I am also thinking of adding dangerous fish to the platforming sections, to give a reason for platforming, and adding a less dangerous open water section, where the player is supposed to dive into the water and explore a different kind of environment there. Perhaps while underwater, the tether gun could damage fish, making for a more engaging game stage. The player might also be able to attach the tether to an object and use that to dodge hostile fish or block their path.

The player should have a light, floaty jump that feels right for the character size and doesn't feel like they're landing too hard on platforms to the extent it might sink them. However, the jump should also feel satisfying and have a definite distinction between being in the air and on land.

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